Release - Certificate of Satisfaction

Release - Certificate of Satisfaction

In need of a printable certificate of satisfaction template that’s easy (and free) to customize? “Release” is perfect for you! It features a formal design and takes advantage of all of our editor’s best personalization tools.

The template’s shades of blue really pop on the white paper that we designed it on, but you can replace most colors to better suit your taste. Release offers plenty of room for text, which you can fill as needed or empty for extra white space. Our redesigned award editor puts the power in your hands!

What is a certificate of satisfaction?

The phrase can be used to describe many types of certificates depending on the context. In the finance industry, a borrower may receive a certificate of satisfaction after all dues have been settled. For example, a home owner may request a certificate of satisfaction after a mortgage has been paid off. Similar documents can be issued after a participant has successfully completed all requisites for a program of work or study.

Because a certificate like this one has more than one use case, Release offers many points of personalization. We picked the default text and graphic for use in the field of real estate, but these items can be easily replaced.

Substitute a star or checkmark graphic for the default house graphic to start crafting a training satisfaction certificate. For more formal documents, try our gavel, landmark, or university graphic instead. We’ve made changes like these super simple, but remember that no certificate is official until an authorized party has reviewed it, signed it, and has deemed it legally binding.

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