Contestant - Game Night Certificate

Contestant - Game Night Certificate

Cards and board games with friends and family are made better with “Contestant,” our printable game night certificate. The template features large dice and card graphics as well as three blocks of ready-to-edit text.

To customize your certificate, begin by entering the name of the evening’s winning team or player in the topmost field. Next, input the date or a personalized message for the champion.

Most visitors choose to print and present Contestant with default colors and on dark paper as originally intended. However, we now provide color toggles for those in search of additional personalization options. Just use the link and swatches above our game night certificate template to prepare your award for print media of another color.

Supplement Your Game Night Certificate

When hosting a game night for many players, it can be tough to get everyone engaged. In situations like these, encouragement in the form of a prize may be enough to bring any naysayers to the table.

A game night certificate like this one is a great place to start. Most game night awards can be printed at home, so the only cost incurred is the price you pay for a little ink and a sheet or two of paper.

When a certificate isn’t enough on its own, consider pairing it with an age-appropriate prize. While most children will be more than happy to compete for a small toy or snack, prizes like these make little sense for a group of thirty-somethings. Ahead of adult game night, swap the candy out with a six pack or a little cold, hard cash. With the perfect prize up for grabs, you can stop worrying about a lack of players and start worrying about an abundance of sore losing.

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