Achievement Unlocked - Video Game Certificate

Achievement Unlocked - Video Game Certificate

As the award’s name implies, we created “Achievement Unlocked,” our multipurpose certificate template, in honor of the video game industry. The typeface used in the template’s header and footer draws inspiration from the early years of console gaming. In contrast, the achievement graphic in the center borrows design principles from current generation consoles.

Speaking of the achievement graphic, this element, along with those around it, can be personalized before you save or print. Our improved browser-based editor makes changes like these possible.

How do I personalize my video game certificate?

Our powerful yet user-friendly editor allows you to replace default text, colors, and graphics without any special software. It makes quick work of deep template customizations, and our video game certificate takes full advantage of these features.

After launching the editor, replacing the recipient name at the top of the template should be your top priority. Likewise, you’ll want to personalize the short message, the name, and the award date near the bottom of the template.

You can even replace the trophy graphic in the template’s achievement unlocked popup! Just click or tap the current image to search for and place a graphic of your choosing. For best results, select and place a graphic that complements the achievement text to the right.

Who was this gaming certificate created for?

We designed “Achievement Unlocked” for younger recipients as well as adults who grew up during the golden age of gaming. Unique fonts and graphics make it the ideal certificate for a video game tournament or for anyone who enjoys video games.

In spite of that fact, our visitors have successfully customized the Achievement Unlocked template for events of all kinds. With a few quick color and text edits, Achievement Unlocked can serve as a reward for small tasks completed around the home or classroom as well. Consider including a frame or a video game gift card with your printed certificate when recognizing extraordinary achievements.

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