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Certificate of Satisfaction
This document certifies that all obligations set forth in the following outlined
payment agreement have been satisfied. The named lender hereby authorizes the
release of the payment agreement as well as the lien placed on the named property.
Agreement Details
Lender:        POLK COUNTY CAPITAL 5200 S. CLYDE AVE., CHICAGO IL., 60605
Borrower:      MARCUS A. KNIGHT of 1020 E. BRANDY LN., CHICAGO IL., 60610
Property:      8700 BRENTWOOD CT., CHICAGO IL., 60610
Borrowed Sum:  0,500.00
Established:   31ST DAY OF OCTOBER, 2022
Satisfied:     22ND DAY OF MARCH, 2027
Recorded in:   BOOK 60, PAGE 82, DOCUMENT NO. 20190728
Satisfaction Authorization
Daniel Holmes
Daniel G. Holmes
Polk County Capital
Marcus Knight
Marcus A. Knight
Lucille Kinsey
Lucille J. Kinsey
Jacob Mansfield
Jacob N. Mansfield