Tip of the Hat - Certificate of Merit

Tip of the Hat - Certificate of Merit

“Tip of the Hat” is a certificate of merit designed for those that aren’t afraid of a little hard work. This award template employs ornate fonts and includes fields for two presenters, such as parents, instructors, or organization leaders. Tip of the Hat is perfect for accomplishments in the fields of music, law, medical practice, and more.

Students and employees that refuse to offer less than their very best deserve to be recognized. And what better way to honor an overachiever than with an award? All of our award templates include customizable text and colors, so you can apply quick adjustments based on the needs of your class, program, or company.

One Award Template, Multiple Use Cases

Our Tip of the Hat template features ribbon artwork to the left of the award recipient’s name. The ribbon contains a graduation cap by default, making the award perfect for the classroom in its current form. But what if you’d like to present the award after completion of an extracurricular program?

No problem! Just replace the graphic with one that better suits your needs. Click or tap the graduation cap and search for a term like “music” from the resulting popup. The cap can be quickly replaced with a drum, guitar, or music note graphic instead. It’s that easy to transform our template into a certificate of merit for music.

After updating the artwork, why not go a step further and replace the default colors as well? All of sudden you have an award whose artwork and colors match your music program’s existing branding.

Printing and Presenting Your Certificate of Merit

After you’ve finished picking a graphic and applying custom text and colors to your award, it’s time to print. To do so, just click the “Save and Download” button beneath the certificate edit area. Your work will be saved and you’ll be directed to a download page where you can export and print a PDF document.

We’ll provide a short list of recommended supplies beneath your award download link. In addition to paper suggestions, you’ll find a collection of frames and lamination tools that can be used to enhance your certificate of merit.

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