Fearless - Certificate of Bravery

Fearless - Certificate of Bravery

This is “Fearless,” our newest award and a certificate of bravery that’s as clean as it is easy to edit. If you’re searching for an award that honors a brave friend, neighbor or colleague, you won’t be disappointed with this template.

We crafted Fearless in a way that allows it to take advantage of all the features our new editor offers. As a result, you’re free to edit the template’s text, its colors, the paper its printed on, and more.

While laying out this award, we drew inspiration from “Tip of the Hat,” our popular certificate of merit. While we borrowed fonts and design ideas from our earlier award, our certificate of bravery uses a color scheme and art style all its own.

How do I customize award elements?

Customizing Fearless – or any of our certificates for that matter – is very straightforward. To begin, hit the “Customize” button to launch our WYSIWYG editor.

We recommend that you edit award text first. The name of the brave recipient is obviously the most important part of a certificate like this one, so make sure you’ve supplied it near the middle of the template. You’re encouraged to edit or remove the caption below the recipient’s name as well.

After replacing names near the center and the bottom our certificate of bravery template, adjust colors to your liking. Fearless uses shades of purple, but shades of red and green may make more sense depending on the recipient’s act of courage.

And finally, review the ribbon graphic displayed near the lower left hand corner of the award. Again, you’re free to replace this with another graphic of your choosing. Our library includes elements from categories like medical, law enforcement, and many more.

That’s all there is to it! When you’ve finished editing, just save your work and print it at your home or office for free!

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