Unrivaled - Certificate of Awesomeness

Unrivaled - Certificate of Awesomeness

When it comes time to honor an outstanding student or colleague, no ordinary certificate will do. We created “Unrivaled,” a certificate of awesomeness template, for the very coolest of award recipients!

We didn’t cut any corners when crafting this award. The graphics were all hand-drawn and the template’s fonts all complement them. Our goal was to put as much effort into Unrivaled as your employee or student does into his or her work.

Choose your own text and colors

Like all of our recognition templates, Unrivaled features customizable colors and several lines of editable text. Hit the “Customize” button to get started.

To swap out placeholder names or dates, just click or tap and start typing! Moreover, you can replace the award name in and above the banner as well as the message near the middle of the document.

You’re even free to replace the colors we have selected for our awesomeness certificate! Click or tap the “Customize Colors” link above the edit area if the template’s swatches are not visible then select colors that better suit your taste. You can use this method to replace the colors of text, graphics, and the paper that make up our Unrivaled award.

Our certificate of awesomeness is printable

After you’ve finished making award changes, click the “Save and Download” button beneath the edit area for a print-ready PDF. We designed the template for 8.5″ x 11″ paper, but other papers of the most common sizes should accommodate it. You’ll just need to choose the “best fit” option when printing from Adobe Reader or your browser of choice.

And do make sure that you’ve loaded your printer with the correct paper color before printing. By default, Unrivaled looks best on blue paper, but you can use the instructions above to recolor it for other paper styles.

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