Never Overlooked - Certificate of Recognition for Speaker

Never Overlooked - Certificate of Recognition for Speaker

We designed our “Never Overlooked” template for companies in need of a traditional certificate of recognition for a speaker. It features an ornate border as well as fonts that are both sophisticated and highly legible.

The award’s burgundy text and imagery look best printed on copper paper, though any parchment-style media will make for a fine substitute. We’ve included fields for (and space for signatures from) organization leaders. That being said, the document will print especially clean should you choose to omit these items. We placed leader names in the lower corners of the award, while the guest speaker’s name is front and center.

Did a recent speaker inspire your staff or event guests?

Speaking to large groups isn’t easy. It takes a confident person who is able to capture the attention of large crowds. And when a speaker succeeds at his or her job, the results can be life changing.  Strong speeches motivate and can provide listeners with new perspectives on old problems.

If a powerful talk has impacted you or someone you know, consider customizing and printing our certificate of recognition for the speaker. You can use our editor to insert the guest speaker’s name near the center of the award and to replace the microphone graphic beneath the name. You can replace dates, messages, and the names of both staff and organizations as well.

“Never Overlooked” is appropriate for speaking events of all types. Feel free to present the award to the lecturer of a charity event, company outing, or a school function.

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