Longevity - Years of Service Certificate

Longevity - Years of Service Certificate

Of the many characteristics that make up a good job candidate, dependability is perhaps the most important. It’s also one of the hardest to identify. With “Longevity,” our years of service certificate template, you can reward team members who have proven that they posses this key workplace trait.

It’s no coincidence that those who have worked with you the longest are often among your top performers. Qualities like confidence and self-reliance are acquired over time. Therefore, the men and women who have been with a company the longest are also the ones that are most willing to take charge when a big project or a tight deadline approaches.

When an employee’s five or ten-year anniversary rolls around, it’s in your best interest to celebrate it. We suggest you honor these milestones by offering a workplace anniversary gift, inviting colleagues to celebrate the event, and by awarding a customized copy of our years of service certificate.

How can I customize the Longevity template?

After recent changes to our template editor, the process of applying certificate customizations is easier than ever before! To get started, just click or tap the “Customize” button.

You can customize text and colors that we’ve applied to our years of service certificate template or leave them unchanged. Just be sure to drop the names of the employee and your workplace into the editor before saving and printing!

You can even recolor the decorative gold elements that line the top of the template. Why not replace these with colors that better align with the company’s branding?

When should I award a years of service certificate?

There’s no reason not to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary every year. Simply awarding the individual with a certificate may suffice most of the time, but you might want to step it up for the major workplace milestones. Consider offering a gift or a monetary bonus to team members every fifth year of service.

American Greetings has published a detailed list of work anniversary gift ideas. The writer even grouped ideas by milestone (five years, 25 years, etc.), so have a look if you’re in search of inspiration!

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