Trailblazer - Certificate of Promotion

Trailblazer - Certificate of Promotion

Meet “Trailblazer,” our certificate of promotion template for owners and managers of small to medium-sized companies. It includes fields for a recipient name and both previous and new job titles. As such, it serves as the perfect award for any employee making his or her way up the ranks.

Trailblazer features bold, highly legible type and every line of text can be customized from our browser-based editor. Promoting more than one team member? Our bulk input tool accepts the names of multiple employees and will print personalized certificates for all of them in a single pass.

We’ve updated our Trailblazer template

Trailblazer was actually one of our earliest templates and has been one of our most popular black and white certificate templates since its debut. This is due in large part to the template’s lower ink requirements.

After the launch of our improved editor, we republished the updated version of the template shown here. Now you can replace all of the colors that make up the template (including the paper’s color)! Additionally, the default star graphic can be swapped out. Just click or tap on it to search for and select your replacement of choice. The suitcase, crown, and handshake graphics are among those most commonly applied to this template.

How should I print and present a promotion certificate?

Workplace promotions are often hard-earned and well-appreciated. Don’t downplay the event with an award printed on cheap paper. Instead, try to print your certificate on paper with a basis weight of at least 28 lb or 105 GSM. Consider pairing your certificate of promotion with a nice frame as well.

While many promotions come with a pay raise, this isn’t always the case with lateral role changes. If the employee’s move does not result in a salary increase, consider including a small cash bonus with your finished award. Companies depend on their best employees, and the rewards for a job well done should reflect that.

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