Hard Hat Heroes - Accident Avoidance Certificate

Hard Hat Heroes - Accident Avoidance Certificate

“Hard Hat Heroes” is an accident avoidance certificate designed to be awarded and hung in a warehouse, factory, or similar work area. Without template edits, it features an orange hard hat graphic between leader names and a yellow caution tape ribbon that spans the entire width of the certificate.

With that said, you can (and should) customize our accident avoidance certificate template before you present it. You’re free to change all of the template’s text as well as standard colors with our browser-based editor.

Customizing Our Accident Avoidance Certificate

Start by replacing the text at the top and middle of the award. These blocks can include the name of your company and an encouraging message to staff. We’ve supplied sample text that you can edit or remove as needed.

After adding your company name and a personal message, you’ll want to have a quick look at the leader name fields in the template’s lower corners. You can change these values or you can eliminate one or both of them.

The award text inside the tape is just as customizable as the rest of the template’s fields. Be sure to edit the tape text to recognize accident avoidance over any length of time. This is the most important step in the template editing process!

We built our editor for managers and employers of all skill sets. Use it to customize elements as outlined above and to preview or print your work. Best of all, with a free Award Hut account, you can save template edits for later. Restore and further customize a stored template at any time to honor the next great workplace milestone.

Recognizing a Safe Workplace

Presenting the award that you’ve built from our accident avoidance certificate template is just one of many ways to reward your employees. Whether you choose this approach or not, you should make a habit of recognizing your safe workplace.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses affect companies every year. Employees in the fields of transportation, warehousing, agriculture, and forestry are at higher risk, but accidents can occur anywhere.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to foster and encourage an accident-free workplace. Consider honoring the staff in your office or warehouse with certificates and paid safety incentives on a regular basis.

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