Conformance - Certificate of Quality

Conformance - Certificate of Quality

If you’ve seen many of our awards, you’ll notice that “Conformance” has very little in common with them. That’s because it is a certificate of quality, and documents like these need to relay a lot of important information. So while Conformance is text-heavy, we’ve included plenty of white space to keep it looking as clean as possible.

Please note that this is not an official certificate of quality. Instead, this is just an example of what a document like this might look like. It is, however, just as customizable as the rest of our workplace templates. Approved product and service certifiers are free to use it as a starting point when crafting their own certificates. Official product and service certs are issued only after the evaluation of a company’s offerings by an approved certifier.

How do I customize Conformance?

To apply and preview changes to our template, start by clicking or tapping the “Customize” button. You will be directed to our template edit area. From here, you can apply text, paper, and color changes to your chosen template.

When using this example as a foundation for your own documents, you should begin by replacing the certifier name at the top of the template with your own. Next, swap our the product or service supplier name and then the ISO standard to which the supplier must conform. Finally, be sure to update the scope, dates, certifier name, and disclaimer near the bottom of the document. The signature near the lower right hand corner of the document can be edited or removed depending on your needs.

After swapping out placeholder text, feel free to edit the template’s colors to your liking. You can recolor the banner near the top of the document and the dividers above the footer to match your organization’s existing branding. Likewise, you can change the default paper color using the dropdown above the template’s edit area. We’ve chosen a lighter gray as the default paper color for increased contrast and legibility.

What information should a certificate of quality include?

The type of information found on a certificate of quality will depend on the standard to which the cert pertains. Most certificates will include an issue and expiration date along with the names of the certifier and the supplier. Additionally, certs should clearly identify the standard to which the certified product or service conforms.

Consider these items when customizing a conformance certificate like this one or when crafting your own. Templates can speed up the design of any document, but it’s the responsibility of the certifier to ensure that those documents meet the requirements set forth by the accreditation body.

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