Eager to Learn - Student of the Month Certificate

Eager to Learn - Student of the Month Certificate

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“Eager to Learn” is an eye-catching student of the month certificate designed for print on a much darker (think charcoal or black) paper. The combination of a lively typeface and colorful curriculum icons form a certificate that is perfect for students of all ages.

Every line of the certificate is editable, so educators can award children on a yearly, weekly, or even daily basis with the update of a single template field. And thanks to recent editor updates, teachers can now customize certificate colors to suit the tastes of individual students.

Why present a student of the month certificate?

Research suggests that rewards can have a positive impact in the classroom. The findings from multiple Chicago-area experiments reveal that younger students respond better to non-monetary rewards than older students, and that the fear of missing out on a reward can be more effective than the possibility of receiving one.

Sure, highly motivated students can excel without any outside influence, but the occasional reward for hard work never hurts. Our “Eager to Learn” award, a student of the month certificate template, can serve as one such reward. Present it to one or more children and either with or without an accompanying gift. The choice is yours!

Many teachers will include healthy snacks or small gift certificates with classroom rewards. Consider limiting these extra gifts to once every quarter or semester if classroom funds are tight at your school.

What award elements can I customize?

You are free to replace all document colors and text before printing and presenting our award. Editable template fields include dates, the grade level, names of teachers and students, and more!

While the award graphics cannot be removed or repositioned, they can be easily recolored. You can even recolor the cirriculum graphics separately. We recommend adjusting the colors of the science, geography, and math graphics so that they match your school colors.

We’ve worked very hard to provide teachers with many customization options. We hope that these tools will allow you to create the perfect award for your students and school!

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