Touch Typist - Keyboarding Skills Certificate

Touch Typist - Keyboarding Skills Certificate

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Though our keyboarding skills certificate is titled “Touch Typist,” it serves as a great award for both masters of the keyboard as well as those who prefer to hunt and peck! With fields to display three figures, you can easily highlight a typist’s accuracy, average WPM, and test date.

Don’t sweat it if you’re not able to gather any of these ratings for an award recipient. As with most of the text in our many school awards, these fields can be customized with your own figures or hidden completely. Likewise, you can personalize the colors of graphics, paper, and text on each printed award.

Printing and Presenting

After you’ve finished customizing your certificate, it’s time to print! The “Save and Download” button can be found beneath the editor and will build a print-ready PDF of your keyboarding award after saving it.

It’s not unusual to see typing certificates on display in an office environment. To encourage the same from your recipient, consider laminating or framing the award. Any 8.5″ x 11″ document frame should do the trick. Additionally, you’ll want to print the award on 24. lb paper or greater for best results.

Gathering Figures for a Keyboarding Skills Certificate

Again, values for typing speed and average words per minute are optional, but we do recommend that you include them when preparing your award. Those looking to hire for data entry jobs will want to see these figures when considering applicants.

We recommend a tool like LiveChat’s free typing test if you need to quickly gather these statistics. The tool will measure WPM (words per minute), CPM (characters per minute), and overall accuracy after a sixty-second typing test. This free test is not the most scientific, but it will allow you to gather a solid baseline for future testing.

At the very least, companies will expect to find words per minute and accuracy on a typist’s certificate or resume. Most keyboard-centric positions will demand WPM of at least 60 or 70 while accuracy should be no less than 95%. These minimums will vary depending on the nature of the job.

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