Committed - Certificate of Appreciation for Employees

Committed - Certificate of Appreciation for Employees

“Committed” is a no-frills certificate of appreciation for employees. It includes only a few lines for recipient and presenter names, a short message, as well as the award title itself (all completely editable, of course). Customize text and colors using the instructions offered below then print your certificate at no cost.

Great employees form the basis of a company’s overall success. Printable awards offer small to mid-sized business owners and managers a cost-effective way to recognize top staff members. To get the most out of a certificate like “Committed,” you’ll want to personalize it first. Our custom editor simplifies that process.

Customize Award Text and Colors

Before printing your award, edit fields with our WYSIWYG editor so that they reflect the name of your company and the employee. Next, replace the presenter names and their titles in the lower corners of the document. Finally, swap out the “thumbs up” icon with another icon of your choosing by simply clicking or tapping it.

And while we crafted this certificate of appreciation for employees specifically, you can even replace the award labels located near the very top of the document. The result is a very clean award that’s perfect for gifting both inside and outside of the workplace.

But customizations are not limited to text. The color of the award’s border and the lines that highlight the recipient’s name are editable too! Just click or tap the color swatches above the edit area to reveal your browser’s default color picker. If the swatches are not yet visible, just use the “Customize Colors” link above the edit area to show them.

Print and Present Your Certificate of Appreciation for Employees

Finished replacing award text and colors? Great! It’s time to print! Just click or tap the “Save and Download” button for a high-quality PDF that you can print from your home or office printer.

After you have printed your certificate, we recommend that you frame it. If you’re really looking to impress your employees, pair a larger frame with a matte in order to better highlight the template’s simplistic design. Including a small gift with your finished award is never a bad idea either!

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