Helping Hand - Certificate of Kindness

Helping Hand - Certificate of Kindness

They say that no act of kindness goes unnoticed. With “Helping Hand,” our free certificate of kindness template, you can make very sure of that!

We designed Helping Hand using easy-to-read fonts and with sparse but bold graphics. You’ll find a hand-sketched underline pulling attention to the recipient’s name near the center of the template. Meanwhile, the bottom of the award is covered with white, fluffy clouds.

Our goal was to craft a kindness certificate that generous souls of all ages can appreciate. We hope we’ve succeeded!

How do I customize Helping Hand?

Thanks to recent improvements to our editor, you are now able to personalize our appreciation certificates in new and exciting ways. See that heart graphic we placed near the center of our Helping Hand template? If you click or tap it, our graphic picker will pop up and load all available replacements. Use the search bar to find and apply your favorite!

Award text and colors are all editable as well. You’ll find all color tools above the edit area, while text changes can be made by expanding the “Template Fields” section beneath the editor or by clicking or tapping then typing on the live preview directly.

When should I reward an act of kindness?

Kind gestures should be acknowledged when they go above and far beyond what is expected of a person. Say, for instance, that a student brought a new box of crayons for a classmate who had colored through hers. Acts like these should be encouraged, especially at a young age.

If you’re a teacher or parent looking to instill selflessness in the classroom or at home, check out these awesome bingo cards over at Teachers Pay Teachers. The set is free to download and includes 30 cards each with two dozen ideas for thoughtful gestures. After a child has lined up a bingo, reward him or her with a small gift and our Helping Hand certificate of kindness!

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