One Spirit - Christian Baptism Certificate

One Spirit - Christian Baptism Certificate

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“One Spirit” is an ornate Christian baptism certificate created for quick customization and designed for print on sky blue paper. Begin the customization process by selecting a short message or passage for your certificate and displaying it in place of the sample verse we’ve provided to the right. Next, use fields to the left of the award to input a recipient name, minister name, and a baptism date. The template’s footer offers fields for the name of your church or a baptizing organization.

Our certificate’s many customization options make “One Spirit” suitable for most denominations. The bible verse and church name fields should prove particularly useful when personalizing the award for its recipient and your place of worship.

Selecting a verse for your award

Our template includes text from Luke 3:21 by default. However, you are free to edit or replace this bible verse as needed.

We recommend including a verse that speaks of baptism or one that has great significance within your church. Refer to this list for a collection of verses perfect for a baptism certificate like “One Spirit.” In addition to the template’s default verse, you’ll find many from the books of Acts, Luke, and Mark in the comprehensive list.

Printing and presenting your Christian baptism certificate

Like all of the template’s text fields, your certificate’s colors are completely customizable. After editing template fields and colors, you can print your finished certificate from your church, home, or office for free.

Baptism is a powerful and deeply symbolic first step in any Christian’s journey of faith. Therefore, a church should take great pride in any certificate that it presents to a baptized congregant.

Consider picking up a frame for your Christian baptism certificate before presenting it. The recipient will likely want to put the award on display, and a nice frame will allow for quick hanging of the document.

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