I Am Saved - Catholic Baptism Certificate

I Am Saved - Catholic Baptism Certificate

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Many Catholics are not baptized until later in life, so we chose to prepare an age-neutral Catholic baptism certificate for anyone who has been saved. Our printable award, titled “I Am Saved,” includes plenty of fields, including lines for the date and the names of the reverend and recipient. The template includes lines for two sponsor names and signatures as well.

Additionally, you can edit the certificate’s blue heading and the short message just below it. Insert the name of your church in the message field to personalize your printed award. You can further personalize your award by replacing text, graphic, and paper colors with alternatives of your choosing.

What do the award’s graphics represent?

In order to keep ink requirements low, we placed template graphics sparingly. You’ll find a cross near the lower center of our template, and this cross represents the one on which Jesus Christ died for the sins of his followers. Likewise, the waves near the top of the document represent the waters with which baptism takes place.

Finally, a thick border outlines our Catholic baptism certificate template. Otherwise, the award is free of ink-heavy elements. Its clean design ensures cost effective printing of your customized document.

When should I award a Catholic baptism certificate?

Any baptism certificate should be offered immediately after the ceremony is complete. If you cannot present your certificate at the time of baptism, you should make it available as soon after the ceremony as possible. It is important that your printed certificate includes the recipient’s date of baptism.

John 3:5 suggests that baptism is a prerequisite to salvation. As such, most members of the Catholic Church will elect to baptize their children shortly after birth. Those that find the Catholic faith later in life are baptized as they are welcomed into the church.

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