Certificate Templates for Students

Our Certificate Templates for Students

Teachers are always looking to incentivize good behavior and strong focus in the classroom. Printable awards provide them with a simple means to do just that.

We’ve gathered a few of our most popular certificate templates for students and have provided quick access to all of them on this page. Just click or tap your favorite and click the subsequent “Customize” button to drop in your own names, dates, and other text items.

Our Most Popular Student Award Templates

Each serves a unique purpose; we’ve picked an honor roll certificate, one for your student of the month, and yet another for spelling bee participants. Moreover, each is great for a wide array of age groups, since you can change the labels or headings to recognize grade levels of your choosing.

Our first entry was designed to fill a very specific need. “Wordsmith” is a spelling bee award and its one of our most frequently printed certificate templates for students. You’re free to swap out the date in the document’s footer or to replace it with your school name.

Seeker of Knowledge
We recently featured this one in our list of black and white certificate templates too. “Seeker of Knowledge” is offered with very basic print requirements, so it’s handy when paper and ink supplies are low.

Eager to Learn
“Eager to Learn” features graphics and a typeface inspired by real handwriting, yet its clean lines make this a great choice for older students. Change out the heading in the middle of the award as needed but make sure you have black paper on hand before printing.

We recently started mocking up even more award templates for the classroom. As we publish those, we’ll be sure to add our favorites to this list. In the meantime, please consider sharing this list or your favorite certificate with anyone who you think might benefit from it.

And don’t forget that our user-friendly award editor allows for the bulk input of recipients. This unique feature makes it easy to input many names in a single text field and generates one PDF with pages for each recipient. We’ve found this tool to be especially helpful to teachers who need to prepare certificates for multiple students.