Origami Love - Valentine's Day Certificate

Origami Love - Valentine's Day Certificate

“Origami Love” is our first-ever Valentine’s Day certificate template, but you can customize it for almost any romantic occasion. With a quick text adjustment, you can adapt the template for a certificate of love, a large anniversary card, or just about anything else your heart desires.

Our reworked editor makes template changes like these quick and easy. Editable fields include those for two names, an award date, and a romantic quote. Leave the default Valentine’s Day quote in place or swap it out with one of your choosing.

Paper Requirements

Origami Love was designed for red paper or similar print media. However, you can replace the white text using the link and swatches above the template preview. Assign a deep red or purple to the Valentine’s Day certificate template’s text and graphics if you intend to print on white paper.

After the proper adjustments, your certificate is ready to print on paper of any color. Ink requirements are low, so you can print copies for multiple recipients without fear of emptying your cartridges halfway through.

Additional Valentine’s Day Certificate Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about giving back to your special someone. Therefore, a heartfelt certificate like Origami Love should serve as just one part of a larger holiday gesture.

If you’re unable to buy a gift for your Valentine, consider framing your printed certificate so that they can display it at home or at the office. Alternatively, you could pair your certificate with a love-inspired treat.

You can always whip up some homemade chocolate covered strawberries if your Valentine doesn’t have a strong snack preference of their own. This simple recipe requires only three ingredients and about fifteen minutes of your time. Gestures like this one may seem small, but small gestures can absolutely make or break a Valentine’s Day.

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