Mendeleev - Science Fair Certificate

Mendeleev - Science Fair Certificate

We created “Mendeleev” for schools and clubs in need of a modern science fair certificate template. Titled in honor of the father of the periodic table, Mendeleev features sharp text and a modest use of graphics.

Like all of our certificates for extracurricular activities, Mendeleev is easy to customize. In fact, our editor makes it possible to prepare and print certificates in only a few short minutes.

Science Fair Award Customizations

After your event has ended, simply swap out the placeholder text in our science fair certificate template with your own. We’ve included labels and values for an event organizer, judge, and date, but you can adjust these based on your own needs.

You’re free to add your own event name, recipient name, and placement text as well. You’ll find these fields near the top and middle of the award template.

Turn your attention to the flask icon near the bottom of the document before saving and printing. This image is a great fit for science fair certificates, but you can swap it out if you’re hosting an event of another kind. Just click or tap the flask, search for a replacement, and select your favorite.

Limitless Color Options

The clean typeface and lines make Mendeleev a great candidate for heavy color customizations as well. Our science fair award looks great when printed on blue paper, but this is far from your only option.

To prepare your award for another paper color, start by clicking or tapping the “Customize Colors” link above the editor. Next, select a color from the paper dropdown that best matches the paper you have on hand. Your selection serves only as a preview, so don’t worry about finding an exact match.

Finally, adjust the swatches next to the paper dropdown as you see fit. Each swatch represents a color applied to your award’s text and graphics. When you’re finished, simply save, print, and present!

Science Fair Certificate for Many Recipients

Speaking of presentation, our editor’s bulk input tool makes Mendeleev the perfect science fair certificate template for large groups. As you edit the recipient name, you’ll find an option to enter multiple values at once. If you include a single name per line, you’ll receive a separate copy of your award for each science fair participant. Our editor will split these awards into separate pages of a single PDF document.

As you enter multiple names, remember that all of the recipients of a single award will share the same placement text. Therefore, you’ll want to create a separate certificate for first-place participants, and a second award for science fair runners up, for instance.

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