World's Greatest Dad - Father's Day Certificate

World’s Greatest Dad - Father's Day Certificate

In search of a meaningful way to honor your dad this Father’s Day? Consider customizing, printing, and gifting World’s Greatest Dad, our free Father’s Day certificate!

When printed on premium paper, the certificate can be given alongside or in lieu of a traditional card. The printed certificate will fit most standard frames too, so why not put it behind glass for the ultimate Father’s Day gift?

Quick text adjustments make this certificate template perfect for many occasions. Swap out the recipient name and banner text to prepare the perfect award for your grandfather, husband, or your favorite father figure. Alternatively, leave the banner text as is to let your father know he’s the world’s greatest dad!

Customize Award Colors and Text

You are free to customize the colors of the award’s banner and its badge as needed. While both elements are the same color by default, you can customize them independently. After you’ve customized the banner and badge, recolor the jacket and tie graphic near the bottom of the award for a truly personalized Father’s Day gift.

Template styles serve as starting points for your personalizations and speed up the customization process. To get started, click or tap the customize button on the template overview page then select your favorite style from the dropdown.

In addition to certificate colors, the award’s text can be customized as well. Consider personalizing the multiline message near the center of the document before editing names and dates as needed. After a few quick and easy edits, your Father’s Day certificate will be ready for printing and gifting!

Print Your Father’s Day Certificate with Less Ink

Unlike other certificate templates, our World’s Greatest Dad award demands relatively little ink. We placed graphics sparingly, and we chose thin fonts to further reduce ink requirements.

Just be sure you have the correct paper on hand before printing your Father’s Day certificate! We recommend selecting readily available paper by clicking or tapping the editor’s “Customize Colors” link. Otherwise, you can apply and print a background color to your award, but ink requirements will increase as a result.

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