Nothing But Net - Basketball Participation Certificate

Nothing But Net - Basketball Participation Certificate

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Every player who competes in your tournament deserves an award, but trophies and plaques are costly. Fortunately, the “Nothing But Net” basketball participation certificate template can be customized for free. After customizing, you can print from home or from the office for free too!

Our super simple editor allows for quick updates to player names, grades, event titles, and more. What’s more, the color controls you’ll find above the template preview can be used to apply colors that better match those of your school or club.

Without any color adjustments, the “Nothing But Net” basketball participation certificate looks best when printed on any lighter media. We recommend a light gray or a copper-colored paper. Both children and young adults will enjoy the template’s playful fonts and graphics. Frame your finished awards before handing them out if you’re looking to impress.

Basketball Participation Certificate Template Editor

You should use our template’s sample text as a guide. Our free editing tool will display a live preview as you replace names and dates with your own.

For instance, you could swap out the “participation award” text near the top of the template if you intend to present to players or teams that have placed in your tournament. Next, replace the player name, congratulatory message, and tournament name in the middle of the document. Finally, swap out the event coordinator name, the event date, and corresponding labels near the bottom before printing.

Members who have signed in can save their work for future printing or editing. Our save feature requires a free Award Hut account, so be sure to sign up now if you don’t have one.

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