Privacy Policy

As fellow citizens of an increasingly digital world, we respect the privacy of our visitors. We aim to be as transparent as possible about the information gathered about you as you browse our website and build your own custom certificates. So what’s collected, who’s collecting it, and what are they doing with the data? We’ve grouped the answers to these questions by the various companies you interact with as you browse our website.

What We Collect Right Here

As you might suspect, allowing you to craft a certificate with us does not require that we gather a lot of personal information about you directly. In order to save or download your work, you’ll need to create an account with us, at which point we’ll ask for a username and email address (unless you choose to use our social login feature; more about that below). If you’re printing at home, that’s all we’ll need.

We also offer printing services to those without sufficient print supplies and to customers in need of a higher quality award. We need some additional information in order to fulfill those orders, including your name, shipping address, and billing address. Of course placing an order for physical certificates requires that you input payment information as well, but that information is handed off to our trusted payment provider, Stripe, and is never stored by us.

Finally, saving your certificate or ordering printed copies of it requires that we store all of your work. That data is stored indefinitely so that you can return to your certificate at any point for edits, so we strongly discourage the input of any personal information into certificates created with us.

The limited amount of information we gather is not sold to any party.

Social Login

As mentioned above, we allow visitors to register on-site user accounts, but provide the option to sign in with an existing social media account instead. When you choose to use this feature and sign in using a third party account (like a Facebook or Twitter account), you are subjecting yourself to the terms set forth in that organization’s privacy policy. All of these networks provide online privacy policies of their own and links to these documents are typically found near the very bottom of their respective websites. We encourage you to read through a network’s privacy policy before signing in with an account that you’ve created with them.

Each network will display its own unique browser prompt before connecting your account with our website. This prompt outlines what information they’ll be exposing to us by connecting your account.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to learn how visitors are interacting with our website. We’ve enabled the service’s Advertising Features in order to gain greater insight into user behavior, which means Google is using advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers to provide us with detailed reports of visitor interactions without revealing any of your personal information.

Examples of metrics provided to us by Google Analytics include but are not limited to: visitor location, pages viewed, browsing duration, and user demographics. If you’d prefer to disable monitoring of your behavior on all Analytics-enabled websites (including our own), you can download and install the free Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on from this location.

Advertisers and Other Third Parties

We provide links to websites belonging to our affiliate partners and other third parties. Each of our partners maintain privacy policies of their own, and because summarizing all of them here would make for an impossibly lengthy read, we urge you to review and revisit them on a regular basis. Keep an eye on your browser’s address bar as you click around; if you find yourself on a site that’s not our own, please understand that you and your privacy are subject to the policies set forth by that property’s owner.