Earnings Disclosure

You’ll find links to relevant products and services throughout much of our website. The majority of these links are “affiliate links,” meaning we stand to make a commission off of any purchases you make after clicking on them.

Affiliate links differ slightly from normal outbound links in that they include short strings that allow the target website to identify us as the referrer of your visit. Should you decide to act on a third party offer advertised on our website, the company making that offer typically provides us with a small commission of some kind because they’re able to identify us as the affiliate who sent you to them. Customers who use our affiliate links are never asked to pay more than they would have without using our link and we strive to present offers from merchants we shop with ourselves. Examples of companies we share affiliate relationships with include:


Certificates worth displaying are typically a little more than words and graphics printed on inexpensive paper. Most of the awards you’ll see displayed in the real world are printed on nice paper and housed in a good-looking frame. We knew that many of our customers would be presenting their certificates in a similar fashion, so we hand-selected our favorite relevant products and prepared Amazon affiliate links for our visitors.

Examples of our Amazon affiliate links include the offers for premium paper and document frames you’ll see on our certificate download page. Occasionally we’ll recommend our favorite printers and thermal laminators as well. You are under no obligation to purchase any of these items when you choose to create your awards with us, though doing so supports the continued development of our website while improving the appearance and durability of your printed document.


If you happen to spot any of our outbound links to graphicriver.net, photodune.net, or any Envato-branded website, please know that these are affiliate links as well. You’ll typically find these links in the form of recommendations for certificate templates in Photoshop and Illustrator formats. Templates like these differ from our own in that they can be brought into high-end graphics editing software for limitless customization of award typefaces, colors, layout, and more.

We’re big fans of Envato’s family of marketplaces ourselves, so providing affiliate links to their cost-competitive products was a no-brainer. In fact we used products from Envato’s themeforest.net and codecanyon.net marketplaces to develop this very website!

Send Us Your Questions

Because we’re customers of the companies we’re linking to, we’re able to answer many of the questions you have about their products and services. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss any of the offers you see here.